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【Yu Min Ma You Firm】, since it was established forty years ago, has been dedicated to produce high quality sesame oil, camellia Oil, linseed oil, oolong tea oil and a variety of oil-based sauce. Until now, Yu-Min oil firm consistently upholds the "three don'ts" as the company's motto: do not accept suboptimal harvests, do not manufacture sub-optimally, do not sale suboptimal products, and have always maintained the essence of 'service - health comes first, customer comes first', thus, have gained excellent business reputation.

Cultivation of buckwheat in Taiwan started circa 1990s, first successful growth originated from Jhu-Shan Township in NanTou County. However, since the specie of buckwheat cultivated was the Fagopyrium esculentum Moench (also known as the common buckwheat), which was more commonly used to make compost and has limited nutritional and economic value, thus extension was hindered.

In 2006, Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, under the leadership of director Mr. Jung-Wu Chen and researcher Mr. Sheng-hsiung Tseng successfully bred a new line of buckwheat with greater health benefit, called Taichung No. 2 tartary buckwheat, also known as the 【Golden Buckwheat】. At the same time Taiwan golden buckwheat Enterprise has started the cooperation with the Agricultural Research and Extension Station as well as began collaboration with the Erlin buckwheat production-marketing group. By year 2008 the plantation area has expended to Yunlin. Due to the high nutritional value of the Taiwan Golden Buckwheat, we have reached an agreement with the farmer on nature cultivation methods for not using pesticides, thus Taiwan Golden Buckwheat Enterprise represent the best endorsement for healthy buckwheat.

Yu-Min Taiwan Golden Buckwheat Enterprise and the Council of Agriculture (Taiwan) have jointly developed a series of Tatary buckwheat products under the brand name “Golden Buckwheat”. The products include Golden buckwheat noodle series, Golden buckwheat sauce series, Golden buckwheat powder series, and Golden buckwheat grain series. Under the promotional effort by Yu Min Ma You Firm, the Golden buckwheat products have been well received by the consumers. In addition to it being a reliable and tasty product, its nutritional content has also been endorsed with certifications. In recent years, our company has further expanded the service levels. Apart from the major trade shows, our products are also available in major department stores, shopping malls, and healthcare organic stores. Thus far, Yu-Min Golden Buckwheat Enterprise can be regarded as the best representative of the Taiwan Golden Buckwheat as it is able to streamline the entire process from the initial contracting, pre-processing, steaming, husking, classification of quality, milling, to final packaging.






As the Golden buckwheat represents the highest quality buckwheat and that its related products are also still in development stage, the business opportunity is unlimited. For this reason the Taiwan Golden Buckwheat Enterprise is seeking local as well as international agents and various product development opportunities whilst offer the greatest support and flexible business arrangements in order to reach maximum win-win situation.

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